Centre for Creative and Cultural Industries (CCCI) - The Technical University of Kenya

What we do

Industrial and Fine Arts

The area of design for graphics, fine art, fashion, print and electronic publication etc requires skill and diligence. These skills are applied in both large and small industries. The department will utilise current trends in the industry to propel learners to apply skills and creativity in response to demand and for dedicated clientele. Applied creativity ensures that learning leads to processes and products that meet the needs of the real world.

Media and Creative Communication

The art of generating words, be it for reporting, narrative or advertising, constitutes a significant element in the creative process, and hence the creative and cultural industries. The department facilitates the development and honing of creative skills in generating scripts and storylines, and reporting of events in writing, as well as applying relevant media for this activity.

Multimedia Arts and Technologies

There’s a robust growth in the development and application of media for communication and creative output. Printing technology continues to evolve, spurred by recent trends in IT that include animation. Together with other interactive programmes, they constitute an expressive form with great potential for economic growth and development. Teaching and learning in this area enables learners to communicate effectively by converting concepts into images thereby transferring ideas into messages through the use of animation and other IT-based media.

Performing Arts and Culture

Performing Arts and Culture focuses on training in music, dance, theatre and film. It offers professional training, tailor-made instruction that includes one-on-one tutorship, skill development and self-advancement programmes for performers, producers and related creatives in the industry. Some of the courses include script writing, directing, acting, dancing, choreography, song writing, music scoring, arrangement and orchestration, instrumental and vocal tuition and coaching as well as production, management and marketing of creative output.