Centre for Creative and Cultural Industries (CCCI) - The Technical University of Kenya

About CCCI

THE Centre for Creative and Cultural Industries (CCCI) is established to help meet the nation’s demand for technical skills necessary for practice in the creative and cultural industries. The Centre is the University’s way of reaching out to the real world with practical skills. Its main focus is tooling of practitioners at various levels of expertise and/or professional development with knowledge, skills and techniques to function professionally in the industry.

TU-K recognises the rapid growth in the industry peopled heavily by school-leaving youth, and positions itself to equip the artists and artisans with relevant technical skills and information. This is to be achieved through collaboration with other schools and institutions of creative and performing arts in the country to offer short and long courses that range from providing basic skills to improving specific areas of the practice.The departments in the centre has therefore mounted courses for practitioners in the industry,learners hoping for international qualifications and young scholars aiming to develop technicalability in specific creative genres, through tailor made courses for specific requirements. The versatility of the programmes in CCCI will ensure that at any given time, any creative and cultural practitioner can receive further training and/or retraining.The centre’s activities include teaching, training,research, documentation and technology development and transfer. It provides hands on skills and technical development through application of knowledge in a practical learning environment. The activities in the centre represent a recognition of the reality in the industry, and are an endeavour to prepare players for that industry, while tooling existing practitioners for higher achievement, including those in the informal and small scale industry,Jua Kali.